So whats the bottom line? What can you expect when coming to our office?

You can expect a warm environment and a provider who focuses on what is best for your health, involves you in the plan and listens to every concern in a non judgmental fashion. There is no limit to the amount of medical concerns per visit, like in traditional offices.

You will NOT be charged each time you come into the office, rather you’ll pay a low monthly membership fee for the majority of the care you’ll receive. There are no additional charges or copays for coming to the office to be seen.

We Do Not Accept Health Insurance – By this we mean that we do not accept any money from insurance companies.

YES! Of course we see Patients who HAVE Insurance – We do not ourselves get paid by health insurance companies. Since much of the healthcare system is quite expensive (surgery, specialist, hospitalizations), it is really nice to have health insurance to pay for the unforeseen catastrophe.


  1. We are much more willing to handle things over the phone or via secure messaging, as our revenue doesn’t depend on health insurance companies dictating that you HAVE to come in in order to be paid. This means no using your vacation time from work just to come in to the office. If we can handle it without an office visit, we absolutely will! We also offer after hours appointments to all our members, we work around your schedule, for you!
  2. Our waiting room is completely relaxed, so when you do actually need or want to visit, there is usually very little, if any wait. Our waiting area provides a quiet place to decompress and enjoy a calm, comfortable atmosphere. Come in early or hang out after and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea!
  3. DPC makes so much sense as you are not penalized for being sick! Take advantage of pure healthcare! Get in here, get yourself healthy, and keep yourself healthy! Come once a year or a hundred times. Whatever you want, after all its your life…and your health.
  4. You never have to worry about how much “this visit” is going to cost. If you are sick or concerned, call us ASAP, and let’s figure out how to get you to where you want to be.

Can this really save you money?

It may be hard to wrap your head around paying an extra monthly bill for healthcare, you already have so many! But here is how we can save you money.

Imagine this scenario. You have an insurance policy and the monthly premium for you and your spouse costs you around $1000.00 per month (which is likely considered cheap in this healthcare economy). On top of that, you have a $5,000.00 deductible you have to meet before the insurance pays a dime! Then after you meet the deductible, you are still responsible for a 30% co- insurance (which is just a fancy way of saying that even after you meet the deductible you are still responsible for 30% of the healthcare costs). But don’t worry! Your max out of pocket is only in the neighborhood of $7,500.00 per year! That’s IF you can find a doctor “in your network” who is actually accepting patients! UGH! It’s enough to make you want to give up on your healthcare all together.

So how can DPC help –

  1. You can choose a higher deductible plan saving you hundreds every month on insurance. Most of your care will be covered at your DPC clinic, however you still have high deductible coverage in the event of an emergency or catastrophic event. Think of it this way, you wouldn’t file a claim with your car insurance company for a broken windshield wiper!
  2. You can keep that same policy and in addition join our DPC practice. In this scenario you would be increasing your monthly payment by around $55.00 per month, however, this will pay for itself if you save on even one visit to the emergency room or just two visits to an urgent care, or even office visits at a primary care office billed under you high deductible insurance policy.  Even with a low deductible plan, when you are a member of DPC, you have no copay (that pesky $30-$40 you are paying at every office visit). You will save at every visit and not have to worry about coming in as frequently as you would like or as necessary.
  3.  Procedures are very inexpensive. Ex: most insurance companies will not cover skin tag removal as it is deemed “cosmetic.” You can be charged upwards of $300.00 for skin tag removal, even with great health insurance!

So you see, there are many ways that you can save money, and those are only a few. But lets not forget the best part of DPC. It’s not about the money, its about great convenient healthcare that puts you back in the driver’s seat! Imagine getting amazing customer service from a doctor’s office! That’s because you are our customer, not the insurance company, and you deserve it!

The Monthly Fees Are Low

Age 0-18: $75/month
Age 19-54: $95/month
Age 55+: $105/month
Family (2 adults, 2 kids): $250/month ($50 each additional child)
Testosterone membership: $150/mo